Is Solar Energy Right For You? Read These Tips To Find Out Now!

Not everybody knows how to fully utilize solar energy. Luckily, with a little bit of time and research, you can become an expert on the subject within your social circle. Start by reading this article. The efficiency of solar panels will be dependent on their density. Panels that have higher densities tend to cost more, but they also cost more. Compare the density of various before choosing one to buy. If you have to put in panels with fixed angles, you will have to find the best angle for all seasons. If you are thinking about leasing solar panels, be sure the contract you sign allows you to transfer the lease. There are many different innovations being made with solar energy systems. Whether you are looking for a large system to power your company or a small one to use in your home, if you search thoroughly you can find the right one. Be certain to install your solar panels so that will maximize the full sun throughout the whole year. If you don't know where to place them, look a

New public artwork in East London to mark 50th anniversary of Bangladesh

As part of ongoing commemorations of 50 years of Bangladesh independence, a new giant sculpture, titled BANGLA has been unveiled at Idea Store Whitechapel in East London. The illuminated installation was created by Tower Hamlets Council, Ruhul Abdin (Bangladesh-based artist) and the National Portrait Gallery. It is covered in fabric and suspended in the Idea Store facade, where it will remain until early 2022. Cllr Sabina Akhtar was Cabinet Member for Culture at the launch. She stated that "The Bangladesh War of Independence was an important moment for thousands of East Enders, even though none of its battles took place here." As war was looming back home, the British Bengali community protested and lobbied for the struggle for independence at the beginning of the 1970s. This creative art installation and exhibition at Idea Store Whitechapel will highlight this important aspect of our history. Ruhul Abdin collaborated with British Bengali Citizen Researchers in order to exami